Justaddwater.dk photoshoot

You may have noticed the updated photos of the authors on this blog. Recently Thomas and I met up with Michael Bothager (colleague) to do a photo session.


Apart from being a skilled Java developer and business analyst, Michael Bothager is working hard as a spare-time photographer. We really enjoyed the photoshoot, but it turned out to be hard work finding the right places for the right photos.

This first photo is taken by me as Michael gets ready to shoot. All other photos on this page are by Michael Bothager (all rights reserved)

We also experimented a bit with serious and less serious photos.

All photos on this page taken by Michael Bothager (except otherwise noted)


Homepage of Michael Bothager where you can find many of his other beautiful photos. More Justaddwater photos on will be available on the page “about the authors” shortly.
Jesper Rønn (left) and Thomas Watson Steen. Photo by Michael Bothager




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5 Responses to “Justaddwater.dk photoshoot”

  1. Luis Villa Says:

    Nice pictures… funny and kinda irreverent… :-)

  2. Björn Says:

    Hehe, ties doesn’t come much bigger than that, Jesper… I really like the last one in the series!

  3. Jesper Rønn-Jensen Says:

    Agreed that it’s kind of irrelevant to what we usually write about, Luis.
    Björn: Glad you like the photos I wanted to share them with you publically, now that we have them (and besides, Michael Bothager has done such a nice work with the photos). My own favorite is:

  4. Luis Villa Says:

    Sorry Jesper I meant irreverent… like informal, funny, never meant irrelevant. :-)

    JAW content is great, JAW pictures are great! :-)

  5. Trine-Maria Says:

    I think you look great – both of you – and I like the laid back style in the photos. It is also how I think you are – consultants with a playful and human heart :-)

    Enjoy the summer – and I hope you had a good meet up last week – with good free beer?