Chinese blog most popular worldwide

Just realized that the most popular blog on Technorati’s top 100 list is the Chinese 老徐 徐静蕾 新浪BLOG. With links from almost 30,000 websites, that’s an amazing achievement. When did that happen? Who’s linking to this?

From Technorati’s own weblog:

Only a third of blog posts are in English; today more people post in Japanese than in any other language. And the number one blog worldwide: its 老徐 徐静蕾 新浪BLOG

Steve Rubel calls it the most influential blog of the world. Certainly, this marks a shift towards blogging as a truly international phenomenon.

I speak absolutely no Chinese, as a Dane I’d probably brush up my Spanish and French before learning a completely different language. That means that Technorati’s top 100 has lost value for me: As the list has become more diverse, it looses value for me, because my interests are not as diverse.

The point I’m trying to make here is that with more blogs on diverse subjects, there’s room for new services that filter and list blogs even more.

What do you think will happen in this area, in the next, say, 12 months?

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4 Responses to “Chinese blog most popular worldwide”

  1. Dmitry Buterin Says:

    I absolutely agree. I am suscribed to 103 feeds (not much, by standards of the web 2.0 crowd:-). I have tried quite a few services which promise to help me filter and prioritize posts and I still can’t find a good solution. I do not want to spend time teaching these systems, I want them to learn from my behavior like does for my music.
    But figuring a usable interface to do this is quite a challenge – I do not think anybody has figured it out yet.
    And by the way – I checked out this Chinese blog (I am studying Mandarin) and totally hated it for playing very loud music I could not switch off!

  2. Thomas Watson Steen Says:

    We our selfs actually got our first link from a Chinese blog a couple of days ago (see the comment here).

  3. Shannon Whitley Says:

    I’ve thought for some time that we may want to start categorizing blogs by region. Just as we have local and regional newspapers, it would be helpful to subscribe to local and national blogs. Maybe this service already exists?

  4. Thomas Watson Steen Says:

    Btw, In the latest “State of the Blogosphere” from April, Dave Sifry writes:

    […] Japanese bloggers appear to write shorter posts more often. This could be a result of blogging from mobile phones, and may be skewing the results, given that we are tracking the total number of posts in this analysis.

    This of cause has nothing to do with the point of this post: That they link very heavily to each other, hence getting very high popularity ratings.

    UPDATE: Did I say Japanese? This post is about Chinese bloggers. Please ignore this – I was obviously a bit to fast on the posting trigger ;)