Web Development Cheat Sheets

ILoveJackDaniels.com logoI just found this page on ILoveJackDaniels.com: Cheat Sheets. It contains a bunch of cheat sheets (you know the good old reference posters that is nice to have around the office). Realy good stuff. Now I just need to go to the office after dark to print a couple of posters on the A0 plotter ;)

They are in both PNG and PDF format.

Here is a complete list of all the cheat sheets listed so far:

  • World of Warcraft Cheat Sheet
  • Ruby on Rails Cheat Sheet
  • ASP / VBScript Cheat Sheet
  • HTML Character Entities Cheat Sheet
  • JavaScript Cheat Sheet
  • MySQL Cheat Sheet
  • mod_rewrite Cheat Sheet
  • CSS Cheat Sheet
  • PHP Cheat Sheet
  • RGB Hex Colour Chart

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