JotForm wysiwyg HTML form generator

This one’s really nice. you can edit an HTML form with this interface (click to enlarge). You can literally create a form in seconds.
Jotform screenshot (click to enlarge)

I just played around in the user interface and as the screenshot might show, you can:

  • Reorder form by drag-and-drop elements (the blue bar in the image appear as I drag an element – mouse cursor dissappeared on the screenshot)
  • Add new elements by dragging from “Toolbox” on the right
  • Change names and other attributes of each element in “properties” box.

All updates appear instantly in the interface. It’s really nice done.

More info:

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3 Responses to “JotForm wysiwyg HTML form generator”

  1. Web Applications are the Future » Blog Archive » JotFrom Launch and First Impressions Says:

    […] JustAddWater – Instant Usability & Web Standards blog has a usability review, and calls JotForm “All updates appear instantly in the interface. It’s really nice done.” […]

  2. Webmarketing 2.0 Says:


    JotForm est un outil tres intuitif et tres complet permettant de générer des formulaires. Vous vous inscrivez (bienque la démarche ne soit pas obligatoire) et vous modifiez le formulaire pour obtenir le résultat que vous souhaitez. Libre à vous de…

  3. Adrian Says:

    There is a new online form builder / workflow application called The Blue Form.
    It features a great AJAX style drag-and-drop form builder as well as the ability to assign approval workflows to the forms you create. It is more of a process automation solution aimed at medium sized companies, rather than just an online form builder.