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Many blogs today use common blogging software like WordPress or Movable Type. Tools like these are very easy to set up and you will probably get your blog up and running with the default design within 10-15 minutes. This speed comes at a price though…

At we use WordPress as our weapon of choice. We didn’t have a lot of time on our hands when initially setting up the blog and I have therefore for a while been re-thinking our design and especially how to improve on the usability we got out-of-the-box – or should I dare to say, didn’t get.

Of interesting things that we would like to change is the page that displays a single post – the one you a seeing right now. From here there is no clear way to get to the front page (only experienced users might try to click on our title “”). But even if there was a clear indication of the way to the front page why would users wanna go there? So we might also want to implement a list of the top five most popular posts at the moment. Or a list with the five most resent ones. These will act as appetizers telling the user what else we have on the menu.

We will therefore start a little experiment. To keep track of what Jesper and I think can be improved to give our users a more usable blog I’ve created a To-do list at the free Ta-da List service. Please visit the list and return here to comment if you have any suggestions, comments or pros and cons on what we should implement. I will keep the list up to date and adding new suggestions. We will then be implementing the features one by one, watch the effects in action and blog about the results.

ยป Visit the list and keep the comments coming…

Note: We have previously blogged about topics related to this in Mullet-style blog layout and complete archive page and Weblog usability followup.

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