The Anatomy of Web Fonts

Just want to tell you about a very great and informative article on by Andy Hume I just read called “The Anatomy of Web Fonts“.

It’s basically teaching the reader typography for the web. Many of the examples and points given will be very familiar to the traditional book or newspaper typographer. But everything is carefully explained and written with the focus on how to type text in a readable and accessible fashion on the web.

When I started writing this post I was trying to bring in a lot of quotes to give you a kind summery of the article. But the more I was trying to do this, the more it struck me that it wouldn’t do the article justice and could not just be summarized in a post like this – It’s a must read for every web designer and it doesn’t take more then a cup of coffee after your lunch break.

So I can only say one thing: Click here and read it!

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