Nielsen flames Ajax in spoof article

Via Ajaxian I saw an alleged article by Jakob Nielsen “Why Ajax sucks (most of the time)”. I jumped right into the joke, and read the Ajaxian post carefully. Normally, Alertboxes are published every two weeks and the latest was published yesterday.

The article is available at a website called usabilityviews (have not seen that before). At the very bottom it says

This is a spoof article. Please compare it with the original and you will see how little it has been changed.

Constructed by Chris McEvoy with apologies to Jakob Nielsen.

Hehe, very funny! Chris McEvoy has posted an appetizer on his website. It seems that Ajaxian took the bait! And I’m adding confusability to my Netvibes rss reader!

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One Response to “Nielsen flames Ajax in spoof article”

  1. Chris McEvoy Says:

    Thanks for the kind mention. I’m sure Jakob will write the reak version soon.

    PS. This is not a spoof.