Zyb.com sync with new Nokia E52 phone

The company I work for has negotiated a new phone deal with another tele provider, which meant everybody had to change phones and numbers.

I have been using Zyb.com for syncing phones and it has helped me out great every time the old Nokia 6500 has been handed in for repair. The new Nokia E52 is at present not accepting the sync setting from Zyb, so I had to set it up manually. For future’s sake, this is what I did:

First, request a phone update from the Zyb page (https://zyb.com/my/home/) click my image to expand the hidden section.
Click “I got a new phone” button and wait for sms with configuration settings.In the phones menu choose
Menu > Control Panel > Settings > Connection > Destinations > Uncategorized

And here i am stuck??? I can only edit the settings. How do I use it, how do I activate the sync settings?

UPDATE 2 days later: I got a good explanation from ZYB support on how to get it working:

To start the sync, please go as follows:1
* Menu
* Control panel
* Phone
* Sync
* Choose ZYB

This works perfectly as long as you remember that the default sync profile is “Nokia PC Suite”. Thus, the step to “choose ZYB” is very important

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  1. Søren Says:

    Here’s a Symbian guide for getting contacts (and other information) in sync with your google account…: http://thesymbianblog.com/2009/02/10/how-to-sync-your-mobile-contacts-with-your-google-account-for-free/