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Comments working again

Thanks to one of our dear readers we just discovered a bug in our commenting system that basically meant that you could not leave a comment on any of our posts. This has now been fixed and you can now again tell us your thoughts.

Of cause we should have noticed, since the amount of spam had dropped to zero. But now that we are receiving thousands of spam comments once again we know that everything is ok ;)

15 Responses to “Comments working again”

  1. Jeet Says:

    It must have been a big relief when you didn’t get any comments :D Mostly I don’t care about spam because Akismet blocks them. What I hate is manual comments that are definitely spam and are made only to get backlinks. I am talking about ‘generic comments’ that tell me I am the best blogger in the world and reader would die if they don’t subscribe to my RSS ;-)

  2. Alfred Says:

    Normally people comment on blogs to gain back links this is the main motive of many people. So it is very easy to gain a link, people prefer this as the best way of doing it. But this not the case for all, there are many people around who intend to get information and only if they love the info there they comment. There are some people who make use of software to make comments on a bunch of blogs. But the commenting by software has come to a standstill.
    Glory be…good to her that you have now become safe out of it.

  3. Tim Morrow Says:

    We are living in the blogs era and there are many blogs all over the net. Blogs are been made for sheer business or even for fun and to share knowledge. If someone likes a post, he surely will comment on it. Normally spammers make a general or generic comment, in short nothing related to the post.

  4. Koral Says:

    It must be so much work cleaning up the spam, i feel for you.
    On one of my sites i have captha thing that blocks most of it. Not sure if wordpress/akismet has something similar.

  5. hesham kamal Says:

    This is good news

    blogs a very important in internet and comment to connect with Bloggers

  6. Alli Says:

    Due to spamming of many people, we have faced a lot of problems in commenting and i am sure that this problem will only be solved if we find a software that could stop spamming. If there will be a software that could judge automated comments then that would really be helpful for everyone of us.

  7. Roshi Says:

    Yes i agree with Mr” Alli” there should be such a software that prevents automated submissions and will help to stop spamming in blogs. Google sometimes lessens the blogs where there are excessive commenting taking place.

  8. Adirec Torytski Says:

    It is a sad indicator of a problem, without a readers advice of course, that the reason you notice your comment system is not working is because you are no longer getting any spam, or having to edit out the comments that are spam.

    So this bug, was it a common error, or are you just going to keep the problem to yourself and allow the rest of us to figure out how to fix our comment bugs??

    Hopefully your commenting bug is now history and you can go back to dealing with all the spam and all the relevant comments and decide what is what.


  9. Amy Rich Says:

    I don’t know commenting for getting a backlink is how far successful? i mean if we read a very interesting post somewhere we just either praise it or criticize it and most of the times we are least bother about what some one else has to say on the similar post.But yes sometimes it may get YOU a backlink but only if your comment is interesting enough to catch the attention of others.

  10. Hakan Selvi Says:

    Spamming has become less now a days, due to the introduction of new software. Spamming was getting more and more because of the importance of blog commenting. Thanks to new softwares that spamming has decreased.

  11. Stanley Says:

    Yes I agree to Hakan, i frequency of spammers has become less and people are starting to fear it as Google has brought to a stand still due to some introduction of new plug ins that avoid spamming.

  12. Mike Says:

    Blogs were spammed very much but now it has come to a break. People tend to use blogs for spamming and now a days it is used to comment for appropriate reason.

  13. Dave Says:

    I am happy to hear that we can post comments again and the amount of spamers has reduced. Great work.

  14. Techie Says:

    I don’t think there will ever be an end to spam of one sort or another because the motivation to pitch a product will always be there. And it always will be until there is no need for individual enterprise.

  15. ZigBee Says:

    That is great news. It is good to know we can post comments once again! These bugs are now rather common, but I guess with all the spam filters it can now be prevented!