Could You Fit The Internet In Windows Recycle Bin?

“Send ‘Internet’ to Recycle bin?”

That was the question Windows asked me the other day when I was about to delete a shortcut from my desktop :)

7 Responses to “Could You Fit The Internet In Windows Recycle Bin?”

  1. malonecab Says:


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  2. Rainbow Painter Blog Says:

    LOL… This is the funniest behavior of windows I have ever heard. Did you press the yes button? Then what happened next? Did it able to delete the internet from your computer!

  3. top movie reviews Says:

    mm i wonder how big the internet actually is? but more thank likely it is above the ammount that says ‘ this item is to big to go in the recylce bin would you like to permantly delete it’

  4. TechnoSamrat Says:

    HeHeHe.. LOL.. You can fit the INTERNET in your recycle bin.. gr8…

  5. Motiv Designs Says:

    Nice list of browsers you have there. I see you take interest in cross browser compatibility in your web designs. Good man! That is a pretty funny one though. So did the Internet fit? ;)

  6. Dave Says:

    So, you are the person responsible for deleting the Internet? Is there anyone who has a recent backup stored in his backyard?

  7. Shaw Says:

    Nice, so to Rainbow Painter’s question…what happend? Did you try it? Can you imagine if the net actually went down?