IE CSS Bug: Limited @include Statements

I found out that Internet explorer only interprets 32 @include statements in CSS for a webpage. The rest is silently ignored.

Tested with IE7. Has anybody tried this with IE8?

For more info see:

Internet Explorer issue – maximum of 32 CSS @import

PS. Silent ignorance is just about the worst form for ignorance when coding. The least they could do was to display an error in the error console.

3 Responses to “IE CSS Bug: Limited @include Statements”

  1. Sam Parry Says:

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  2. Nguyễn Sơn Trung Says:

    I’ve found out the same problem in IE6. The maximum of css file to be load is 33.
    It takes me nearly 4 days to know that terrible truth!
    I don’t know whether the Maximum of TOTAL CSS SIZE exists or not?

    Best Regards.

  3. EdwardNorton Says:

    Same problem on IE8.