Today is Spam Filter Free Day

Saturday the 15th is Spam Filter Free Day here at Why would we ever want to do something like that you ask? Well up until recently we received about 2-3000 spam comments each day so we thought we would draw attention to the wasted bandwidth, time and energy that all these spam comments consume. Not to speak of the large amount of hours with manually filtering all comments that our different spam filtering techniques free us from.

When we announced the Spam Filter Free Day 18 days ago, we didn’t think that it would draw so much attention. But the amount of comments and buzz around the blogosphere have been really overwhelming. Most notably is that we caught the attention of the comment-spam fighting company of all times: Akismet.

We also recieved our share of warnings from people telling us that this might not be such a good idea after all. I would like to say up front, that we really appreciate this and that we are wiser even now then before the announcement, but we just can’t resist going ahead with the experiment – We might learn even more!

In the next couple of minutes, we’ll remove our barricades, turn the other cheek and just sit, wait, see and learn.

Final remarks:

  1. If you post any legit comment on our blog within the next 24 hours we’ll try not to delete it when we do our manual spam-cleanup – but let me just apologize up front if we do.
  2. If you subscribe to our comment-feed, you might notice more comments then usual ;)

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66 Responses to “Today is Spam Filter Free Day”

  1. Michael Clark Says:

    Good luck! Hopefully your servers won’t melt.

  2. Jesper Rønn-Jensen Says:

    8 hours later I found 186 comments that were still held for moderation. We forgot to modify the rule about holding back comments with more than 3 links.

    I have now set it to 99 link before the comments are held back for moderation. Heck, one of the comments had 70 links :)

  3. BoltClock Says:

    I clean forgot about this until just now. Guess I should leave my anti-spam plugins off for the next 24 hours instead of the rest of the day (it’s 7:17 pm right now)?

    Well, let’s sit back and watch how much spam will roll in today :)

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  5. Jesper Rønn-Jensen Says:

    Short update: I spent a total of 2 hours deleting 1111 spam comments, re-activating Akismet etc., and re-finding the 6 valid comments and trackbacks recieved during the last 24 hours. More info in separate post later.

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    […] viel me mee. Daarnet Akismet weer aangezet en in een paar klikken de 59 spammetjes eruit gevist. De figuren die met het idee kwamen waren iets meer tijd kwijt: 2 uur voor dik 1100 spams, met nog een paar “echte” […]

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    […] recent Spam Filter Free Day and more users wanting to stay up-to-date with the plugin, new features, and spam protection Two […]

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  10. greenroom Says:

    wow, 1111 spam comments is 24 hours, thats an unbelievable waste, of well everything really. amazing.

  11. Tamara Says:

    I’m the online director at Mr & Mrs Smith and we have recently launched our new blog – – we have got an unbelievable amount of automatic spam coming through – I don’t mind that so much although it is a waste of time.

    What really annoys me are the other travel companies – competitors – and hotels spamming us just to get their links on our site when we spend so much money and effort being discerning about the places and companies that we recommend.

    I think you are very brave letting the spam filters off – I’m not sure I would ever have that courage!


  12. astronaut food Says:

    usually the spammers are the pornography sites. it sucks but its true. i think they are so many of them now on the internet that the competition for their business is so high that they just spam everyday non-stop.
    travel companies and viagra is next to the top spammers on my ranks.
    who wants a viagra anyway.
    but whatever.

  13. ibizavillas2000 Says:

    Spam filter free day – fantastic! I love your angle …. are we having another 24 hour period this year? We receive so much rubbish at our Ibiza Villas site I am up for another “protest” … especially if it actually puts the spammers off. Hurray..

  14. Celebrity Clothing Says:

    Your a brave soul. Wish I had the option of installing Akismet on my blog but it doesn’t run on wordpress as we wrote the script ourselves. Now we have to come up with a solution to the spam by trying to create some kind of filter to slow it down at least or possibly even closing comments for good as a last resort.

  15. Zara Says:

    Because we are a dating/introductions site we get more spam than most so I think this is very brave and not something I would do for our site. Even though agencies that offer exclusive introductions are in a different market to the online dating sites, we all get put under the same banner.

  16. C. Laeuse Says:

    I am fed up of spammy mails I get daily. I get around 300+ mails in spam…But gmail really rocks. They filters very nicely.

  17. Dueces Says:

    WP Comments spam rocks:P

  18. Diseño web cordoba Says:

    Very useful, thanks :D

  19. guy from Birmingham Says:

    Hmm…Interesting idea. Someone should create a plugin for “spam filter free day” notifications. It would catch on to other bloggers really fast.

  20. Aashish Realgroup Says:

    Spam Filter Free Day….? Without Spam filter, I get almost 1000 mails in my mail box.

  21. Dreambox Says:

    LMAO…spam filter free day, Ive no idea how I came across this blog but I nearly fell off my seat. Spam is the pain of my life at the moment, just changed 2 email addresses because of it that I had used for a long time, royal pain in the a**!!! But I like yer style!

  22. My SEO Experiment Says:

    very usefull, but WP has alot of spam comments…. all this viagara stuff

  23. garden furniture yk Says:

  24. Tyrone Says:

    Nice mail. I am fed up of these spammy mails 2

  25. weVoid Says:

    A day without spam it’s Unheard Of ! Only when spammers and antispammers will be in the same boat ! Only then. When hackers will become white collar respectable citizens.

  26. Richard Says:

    It’s very usefull, i think should leave my anti-spam plugins off for the next 24 hours instead of the rest of the day.

  27. Things to sell on eBay Says:

    I think all the blogs shall have a good captha for comments. This could be a great solution!)

  28. bungie Says:

    Your a brave soul. Wish I had the option of installing Akismet on my blog but it doesn’t run on wordpress as we wrote the script ourselves. Now we have to come up with a solution to the spam by trying to create some kind of filter to slow it down at least or possibly even closing comments for good as a last resort.

  29. JHON Says:

    interested, thank you


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  32. Como Emagrecer Rapido Says:

    Interesting experiment… looking through all the spam is to go crazy! I have a site that gets like 50 real visitors a day (from Search Engines) but it gets hit by about 200 spam comments a day! Craaazy

  33. sskumar Says:

    ‘astronaut food’ said like viagra spam links, it’s absolutely 100% true. For my site, everyday I removed over 10 spam links like viagra. In this regard your info is very useful for my future plan.

  34. top movie reviews Says:

    i hate spam also, so just use captcha and if that doesnt do it start banning ips!

  35. abyss Says:

    If this spam free seriously works then we should ask Blue Mountain to have greetings designed specially for this day.

  36. Voos Baratos Says:

    Hey man! That is a ballsy experiment! I’m glad it went well! Askimet kills it allll!

  37. turbo HD Says:

    greeting cards from blue mountain for spam free day sounds pretty good.

  38. nick Says:

    hey, love the blog – i will try and keep up with it!! please keep more coming :)I wish I could start a blog but I don’t have much time :(Thanks, nick

  39. poor jokes Says:

    y dunt u change ur template using the same old template

  40. Cartao de Credito Says:

    Hey man, that is a funny experiment, although I don’t see the point in it! Before I installed askimet I got a load of spam everyday! It was crazy because half the visitors were spammers that left comments!

  41. Science Fiction Books Says:

    Hello, excellent blog, we have a lot of spam and it grows every day. I like spam best on toast!

  42. Algarve in Portugal Says:

    Hey there! That was a bold experiment! I am glad your server and wordpress didn’t crash :)

  43. Sriki Says:

    Every one hates spam.Proper spam filtering techniques must be adopted to filter out these culprits.But unfortunately sometimes even legit commenters are also flagged as spammers.Akismet is an example for this.But i think using Captcha (word verification) would be a good option..

  44. printable pages Says:

    This is something you should bring back like once a year. I hate spam it takes me about an hour each day to filter my blogs. I like the idea I might try it on one of my blogs. This is forward thinking.

  45. Disfuncao Eretil Says:

    For me it doesn’t take that much time, I just trust askimet, sometimes there are a few false positives but its better than wasting an hour a day!

  46. Aleks Says:


    I cannot believe you get that many spam comments. I also had no idea there are Spam Comments fighting ‘companies.’ Now thats a niche business, hehe.

  47. Motiv Designs Says:

    This looks like it was a pretty cool online experiment. I would be interested to hear how it all turned out. I will have to search around on the site and see if I can find a follow up. Cool idea and probably a great way to build traffic to your site if not regular visitors also.

  48. kent Says:

    Oh.. something interesting is happening going on here.. lols! I like whats happening all here.. :)

  49. Marl Says:

    Pretty nice idea of being an experimental.. dofollow would be beneficial as well, but those only bloggers who does respects and contribute without making any spam around. :) Cheers!

  50. BarkTop Says:

    That must have been an exhausting experiment. Hope you got a lot of real comments from it as well. Good luck with your future experiments.

  51. UK Contract Hire Says:

    Great experiment! I have found askimet to be a bit over-cautious, can be a good thing, can be a bad thing. I ended up installing it as I the amount of rubbish built up, didn’t want to because of the problems it can cause for legitimate bloggers. Now I just need to some kind of protection it on my normal comment forms but I’m worried about it catching real enquiries.

  52. Sam Says:

    I think the problem will be that you’re been listed in a do follow blog listing which has then simply left everyone coming out to attack you with rubbish comments.

    It happened to our site which is quite small but basically destroyed the workings of our blog as people couldn’t actually follow any of the conversations.

    Working in academia its easy to limit it to university only entries but I’m concerned we just shut the genuine people out…

  53. Seattle Dude Says:

    Wow, that’s an interesting experiment… I thought about doing that on my site as well, but then decided to disable comments all together to save my precious time…

  54. Paul Says:

    I commend you for your bravery! At least there are plenty of comments here (and not all spam!)

  55. Ivan Says:

    Well that created a buzz didn’t it :D What a response.

  56. Danny Says:

    So how did your spam free day went on. Must have been a day full of comments.

  57. Amelia Earhardt Says:

    ah then i will be spamming your blog then :D ahhahaah joking…

  58. Acai Berry Says:

    There is way too much spam on blogs nowdays. Its very hard to determine which is spam and which is relevant to the post. Most blog spam is merely keywords in a weird non humanism fashion. Some can be harder to spot.

    Either way, an interesting test.

  59. Jual Rumah Says:

    I know that filtering 3000 comments a day is really exhausting work but I think using Akismet for judging most all the comment as a spam is really no good. Since, not all comment are spam. maybe you should find some crews to filter comment manually for saving your time.

  60. Free digital photography sites Says:

    I love the monty python video for spam alot. Goes well with the spam free post.

  61. Computer How To Says:

    Wow a spam filter free day! This is pretty neat. I only get aroudn 100 spam hits a day, cant imagine 3K. I really fee for ya guys!

  62. mike costoev Says:

    pretty cool idea. a nice way to manage spam. i get my fair share too, you know.

  63. Mike Says:

    Hi Thomas,

    I think I know why you get that many spam comments. Check this out:


  64. Cubic zirconia Says:

    HI Thomas, seems I am late and really miss something. But I have admit that the concept of Spam Filter Free Day do amuse me so much. Anyway, as requested, contribute my share to make just another one.


  65. Ryan v. Says:

    Hah nothing worse then signing in wordpress only to have 1000 spam comments waiting to be approved.

  66. louie jerome Says:

    It’s amazing how many spam emails are waiting at the gates for you to open them when you have spam filter free day. 1111 spams to delete in 2 hours is huge! I don’t use a spam filter on any of my sites but maybe I should.