I’ve started my own company

As long as Jesper and I have written this blog we have both been working for Capgemini in Denmark. Personally I’ve been here for over two and a half years now – some very good years! It has actually been some of my most interesting and educational years ever.

So it is with great sadness that I now leave Capgemini and all my fellow colleagues at the end of January. But it is with great excitement and butterflies in my stomach that I, in the beginning of February, will begin work in a brand new startup that I’ve created with 3 of my best friends.

For the Danish speaking audience I’ve just created a personal Danish blog where I, among other things, will write about this new journey:


I will of cause still be writing here on justaddwater.dk – preferably even more often then now ;o)

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6 Responses to “I’ve started my own company”

  1. Arjan Eising Says:

    I have also plans to start up an own company, just to build websites for clients legally…

  2. Preben Carlsen Says:

    Great! Best of luck – I’m convinced that you’ll get succes. And also I’m happy that Denmark gets another entrepreneur, that actually carries out a business idea.

    Tally hoo!!!

  3. Jens Meiert Says:

    Good luck!

  4. Pelle Says:

    Congratulations Thomas. I wish you all the luck.

  5. Obie Says:

    Best of luck, Thomas! Give us an update in English every so often. :)