Technorati Tips and Tricks

Technorati is for blogs what Google is for the rest of the web: The #1 place to go when searching for a topic of interest. One of its most powerful features is the ability to use tags – the so called Technorati Tags. Technorati Tags are small linked words situated somewhere inside your post (in our case they are located in small print at the bottom of each post).

Technorati then uses these tags to index your post in different categories on If you for example want to see all current stories that uses the tag “usability” you visit the URL – But if you are an experienced blogger you already know all this.

Tip 1: Technorati automatically combines multi-word tags

If you write a story about Technorati Tags (like this one) you have a choice between using several tags:

  • technorati
  • technorati tags
  • technoratitags
  • tags

You could of cause use all of them, but besides the hassle of always having to think of all the combinations a user might use, I don’t think this is a very “nice” solution – you could call it a mild version of tag spamming.

Instead you can just use one tag: “technorati tags“. Technorati will then automatically use any combination of these words – except directly changing the order of the words of cause. So using just that tag will make your post appear on the following URLs:

Tip 2: Technorati is not case sensitive

Technorati is not case sensitive, so the tag “Technorati Tags” and “technorati tags” will result in the same indexing.

Tip 3: Technorati automatically uses the blog categories

All of the popular blogging tools use categories to group their posts. Technorati will in most cases detect what tool you are using and also include the categories as tags.

So if you post a story using the Technorati Tags “A” and “B” and post it in a category called “C”, the story will appear in all of these:


But I would of cause argue that it is more reader friendly if you print all the Technorati Tags you want your post to appear under. This way your readers can click on the tags to see other blogs blogging about these topics.

To demonstrate this in action, I’ve on purpose left out a Technorati Tag in this post: “Search Engines”. Instead I posted this story in a category by the same name. So you should therefore be able to see it here as well:

Technorati Tags: , ,

3 Responses to “Technorati Tips and Tricks”

  1. Dean Whittingham Says:

    Maybe you can help. I alwyas use tags in my blog and I used to get posted in technorati evety time until about 46 days ago, when it all stopped. I have no idea why.

    Someone on DP tells me it’s to do with feedburner, but I don’t ever remember installing any feedburner code on my blog. The only things I have done is add the feed code to my main template (the same code that wordpress places in the footer for the feed), and add social bookmark tags.

    Could this be a problem you think?

    Best Wishes

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  3. Warga Ngawi Says:

    I just knew this tips, I never used technorati before. Thank you