JavaScript Shell: Useful tool for editing DOM and JavaScript

Jesse Ruderman has a tool for live-editing JavaScript and DOM on any webpage. I have found it very useful and indispensable for rapid JavaScript development, bug finding in unknown code.

Couple of days ago I asked Jesse to consider some improvements, which he now incorporated.

I really recommend this tool, especially the ability to investigate advanced web2.0 user interfaces. A good example is to try it out on Google Maps. Just go to com, open the JavaScript Shell, and type:
props(_m) and props(

You’ll find the JavaScript Shell on Jesse’s site. Be sure to get the bookmarklet version (for Firefox). He also maintains a changelog.

One Response to “JavaScript Shell: Useful tool for editing DOM and JavaScript”

  1. Nii Amon Says:

    Hi Jesper,

    From what you are saying, it seems I will be able to dynamically update the underlying HTML in a way that AJAX does not do. That is the code that renders the view will be changed and thus when refreshed will show the new changes I wrote into the change. Is this right?